Experience a new way to hunt in the real-world for digital items dropped by your favorite brands

Today's virtual scavenger hunt platforms suck.

Current options like PokemonGO don't give good rewards.

No Ownership

You don't own any in-game items, so you can't resell what you worked for.

    Isolated Experience

    In-game items only have value on the platform you find them on.

    Zero Long-Term Value

    When you stop playing the game, your in-game items are worthless.

    So we made it better.

    Let's see how hunting for items on Cache-it gives you more value.

    Step 1: Connect your Wallet

    This is how you can interact with all aspects of the app. You can easily create a wallet with us or connect your own external web3 wallet.

    Step 2: Select a Cache to hunt

    Choose any Cache near you to start the fun. You'll see it on the map, and you're ready to begin the hunt.

    Step 3: Get close to an item

    Using your trusty radar, get within 30 meters of a hidden Cache items to trigger your Augmented Reality (AR) lens. Tap the mystery box to claim the item.

    Step 4: Answer trivia about the brand

    Found an item? Nice! Now you have to complete a trivia about the creator of the Cache to unlock the item. Let's see how well you know your brands!

    Step 5: Redeem your item for a reward

    This is the best part! With your very-own shiny new digital item, you can claim real rewards. You can redeem it for a ticket to a game, discount in a store, or exclusive access to content.


    This is a new, unfamiliar experience. We have answers to your questions below.

    • Our favorite place to view our collected items is on OpenSea. View our collections page on OpenSea to check out some dope branded items and Metagan that people are already collecting.

    • Yes! Anyone, anywhere can drop a custom Cache anywhere else in the world. Try dropping a Cache for your friend with a secret website as the reward URL to have a little fun.

      Visit our Brands Portal to create a fun hunt in less than 5 minutes.

      Are you a Pokemon fan? Try our experimental Metagan Hunter Portal to create your own pocket-monster like 'Metagan' that can be hunted on Cache-it in less than 5 minutes.

    • "Metagan" is our name for our growing collection of user-generated (AI-assisted) pocket-monster creatures that are deployed on-chain and only found on Cache-it.

      Each Metagan comes with it's own artwork, name, origin story and full moveset. Click to view some of our favorites below on OpenSea.


      Are you a Pokemon fan? Do you want to be able to do more with your hard-earned pocket-monsters? Try our experimental Metagan Hunter Portal to create your own Metagan that can be hunted on Cache-it in less then 5 mintues.

    • Great question! As part of our beta, we are giving out free rewards for collecting items from certain Caches.

      Tap on an item in your Collections tab, and enter your email address to "Redeem" free gift cards, free MLS tickets, or other surprises that our brands are offering.

    • You can roughly think of your web3 wallet as your profile when interacting with Decentralized Apps (DApps) like Cache-it. It enables you to collect or "mint" digital items to your wallet, and create a Cache on the Ethereum network. The best part: we don't control any of your data! 

      If you don't set up a wallet with us, you can connect your own external wallet.

      Our favorite is Metamask, but you can choose whatever you like. Simply click "Connect Wallet" on any screen, select your wallet provider, and then you are ready to fully use Cache-It! (Don't forget to request some testnet ETH from us to create your first Cache)

      If you don't have a Web3 wallet, it takes 3 minutes to set one up. We've included a full video tutorial below from no Metamask to connected Metamask with starter tokens.

      Please keep your Recovery Phrase safe.

    • Nope.

      This app is currently in beta, so we have launched on an Ethereum testnet. On the main Etheruem network (mainnet) all transactions are paid for in ETH, which has real value. On a test Etheruem network (testnet) all transactions are paid for in testnet ETH, which can be obtained for free, and therefore has no real monetary value. 

    • Below is a 15 second clip that shows how to switch networks. It takes 3 clicks on Metamask mobile.

      Prefer written instructions? Follow steps 1-3 under "How to Change Network on MetaMask Mobile App" in this guide if you need instructions.

      For beta, we have built this app on a test network (testnet) of Ethereum, which is why you need to switch your web3 wallet to the "Goerli" network.

    • We use OpenAI in two places:

      1. When you create a Metagan: 
        Using the description you provide in the Metagan Hunter Portal, we ask DALL-e to generate a unique image for your Metagan. Then we use another replicate model to generate a description and origin story for your Metagan.
      2. When you activate the trivia challenge: 
        Using the biography the creator of the Cache provided, we again ask OpenAI to generate a trivia question about the brand/artist/creator. The better the biography provided, the better the trivia will be.
        If no bio is provided, we default to generating a generic trivia question. 
    • Yes, when we say digital item, we mean NFT.

      No, NFTs are not dead or useless. 

      Imagine this: You collect a mythical sword released by your Dungeons and Dragons partner. Now, you can plug that sword into your D&D gameplay, a sword that you worked hard and long to earn by traversing the real-world. Exiting your D&D phase? You can sell it to someone else on the market, and go find another digital item for a new game. You are the owner of everything you find.

      Or imagine this: You hunt around your hometowns stadium and find a digital item released by your home team. You then redeem this digital item as a ticket to the game, as a loyal fan willing to scour outside to attend. 

      Or this: Your favorite shoe brand is dropping a new collection. They drop the collection in the form of a Cache in your city. You strap up your boots, grab your jacket, and go outside at the start of the drop to search for a digital ticket that can be redeemed to purchase one of these exclusive sneakers. 

      These examples and more are enabled by the decentralized, cross-compatible, ownership-based nature of web3, all powered by revolutionary blockchain technology. 

    • We get it. NFTs, crypto, and web3 are trigger words right now. We have been building in this space for over a year now, with the sole purpose of illustrating the value of blockchain to everyday users. 

      Although we could have, we haven't made a dollar from past projects. We are not here to get rich quick and pull the rug from our users.   

      We believe in the value of web3, and want you to believe in it too.

    • Yup.

      Except you own everything that you find.
      And everything you find unlocks real-world perks.
      Oh, and we use all AI-assisted, user-generated content. 

    • Sometimes the AR can be tricky. Try tapping in a straight vertical line in the area above the box until you trigger the trivia. Getting closer to the box always helps! 

    • If you want to show thanks, you can do 1 of 2 things.

      1. Buy Me a Chai Tea
      2. Tell your friends about Cache-it

      The choice is yours.


    We are excited to share our vision for the future. Here is our plan for the next few years.



    Launch of MVP on Goerli Testnet with basic functionalities


    Allow users to redeem found items for real digital rewards (gift cards)


    Partnership with brands/influencers/events to drop Cache with exclusive rewards


    Improvement of AR tech stack with Niantic 8th Wall



    Introduction of new social features such as proof-of-location for DAOs and friend circles


    Expansion into decntralized gaming. MVP of videogame that only uses assets found on Cache-it


    New native token ($GEO) to represent exchange of items found on Cache-it


    Expansion into new verticals such as gaming and e-commerce

    Our Team

    We are two Web3 enthusiasts with an itch to build new experiences for people. We switch hats as the developers/marketers/founders of this project.

    Trey Rudolph


    Henry Borska


    Contact us

    Feature requests? Want to join the team? Let us know anything!